MLA duo raises issue of Rly station road widening work

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Raipur, Mar 05: The issue of two houses coming mid-way of road widening work of Raipur Railway Station was raised by Congress MLA Kuldeep Juneja and BJP MLA Brijmohan Agrawal in VS here on Thursday. MLA duo said that even though if compensation worth crore need to be paid then also the road widening should be done at any cost, as it is the main road connecting the city’s main railway station.
MLA Raipur (North) Kuldeep Juneja raised the question during question-hour session of Vidhan Sabha here on Thursday. He questioned whether the road from Moudhapara to Gurudrawa near Naharpara has become as bottleneck in road widening work? Whether the Urban Administration Department is having any proposal for removal of these two building after payment of due compensation or not? If yes, then how long it will take the department to complete formalities and take necessary action?
The Urban Administration Development Department Minister Dr Shiv Kumar Daharia informed that there is no provision for payment of compensation for rehabilitation, in the Department’s budget. On behalf of Raipur Municipal Corporation , a proposal for giving FAR in lieu of land was given to the building owner and so far no consent letter has been given from their side. In addition to this route, other road is also available for smooth flow of traffic. It is due to demand for land of same size or compensation by them that the very proposal of road widening has not been taken into consideration.
Kuldeep Juneja said that this Nahaparar road links it with the Railway Station and many people traverse on this road daily. But there are only two houses which are acting as hindrance in road widening work and it is by paying compensation to them solution be found out. Even if the compensation of Rs 3-5 crore then there is no problem. Majority of people going to station follow this route. So it is by sending officers to the two house owners that discussions be held and issue be sorted out.
Dr Shiv Kumar Daharai said that there are reports of payment of compensation worth Rs 9 crore and with this amount many other roads can be constructed. There is no provision for payment of compensation in the department’s budget. BJP MLA Brijmohan Agrawal said that this road links directly to the Railway Station and if there is need for Rs 9 cr worth of compensation then it can be sorted out and earlier also payment has been made and roads were constructed. .
On this VS Speaker Dr Charandas Mahant said that both the MLAs can meet the persons getting affected and hold talks with them and added that if the government is willing to pay the compensation then we are ready to pay.

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