Ministry of I&B inks partnership with Amazon India

In the field of Media, Entertainment and Public Awareness

New Delhi, Apr 05: Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting Anurag Thakur on Wednesday announced a partnership between the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and Amazon India in the field of media, entertainment and public awareness.
Speaking at the launch of the partnership Anurag Thakur said that India being an ancient civilization offers millions of stories which are yet to be told. The gamut of stories transcends time and covers a vast domain from spirituality to software, traditions to trends, folklore to festivals and from rural India to rising India. He added that recently Indian content has experienced success at the international fora, and Indian actors have achieved high popularity among foreign audience.
The Minister delved into the steps taken by the Ministry to create a conducive atmosphere for the entertainment industry in India Sand said that the Government recognises the strengths as well as the opportunities of the Indian entertainment industry, especially new platforms such as OTTs. The Ministry has recognised audio visual services as a Champion Services Sector and recently brought out the self-regulatory framework of OTT content regulation.
Speaking about the partnership with Amazon, Thakur stated that the partnership with Amazon India is unique on a number of counts and the Letter of Engagement spans across various aspects of the creative industry. The partnership would help strengthen industry-academia linkages through provisions for scholarships, internships, masterclasses, and other opportunities for students at Film and Television Institute of India and Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute of India. The initiative would help to reduce the period of struggle for the talented artists coming out of prestigious film institutes of India, he added.
The Minister also voiced his concern for quality of content on OTT platforms saying OTT platforms have the responsibility of ensuring that their platforms do not propagate vulgarity and abuse camouflaged as creative expressions. OTT must reflect the collective conscience of the country, he further added.
Guest of Honour for the event, Varun Dhawan spoke about the depths being reached by streaming services and said Indian cinema by way of streaming is now reaching a world stage and streaming services have today given Indian content a reach hitherto unimaginable. Shri Dhawan highlighted that streaming services act as a leveller and said that “new actors and creators, talent that had so far remained on side-lines can now connect with audiences worldwide.”

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