‘Milan Patrika’ editorial board meeting held

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Bhilai, Sep 06: Preparations are underway for ensuring historical success of the upcoming “Kurmi Sanjha” programme being hosted by Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal, Bhilai Nagar. The state level magazine with details of marriageable youth “Milan Patrika” will be released during this event. On Sunday, the editorial board of this magazine conducted a meeting at Kurmi Bhavan in Sector 7.
Santosh Patanwar (Editor-in-Chief of Milan Patrika), Churaman Dilliwar (Chief Editor), Gopal Krishna Verma (Convenor Kurmi Sanjha), Rajesh Verma (President Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal Bhilai Nagar), Pawan Chandrakar (Vice President Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal Bhilai Nagar), Giriraj Deshmukh (General Secretary Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal Bhilai Nagar), Hemant Chandra (Treasurer Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal Bhilai Nagar), Chandrakant Deshmukh (Secretary Yuva Kurmi Mitra Mandal Bhilai Nagar), Ram Narayan Verma (Treasurer Kurmi Sanjha 2021), Mordhwaj Chandrakar, IS Manu, Atmaram Nayak, Rajesh Kaushik, Krishna Kumar Verma, Pila Ram Verma, Ashok Kumar Deshmukh, Pushpak Raj Deshmukh, Gajendra Chandrakar, Dakeshwar Verma, Vijendra Verma and Akhilesh Kashyap were present. It was decided that the compilation of details of the marriageable youth would be completed by September 30, 2021.
After completing the compilation of all the information, the work of data feeding will be done carefully to ensure error free printing of the magazine. Availability of sufficient number of books will be ensured on the day of release.

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