Migrant labourers happy with facilities being provided

At the Quarantine centres in Gram Murtonda

Sukma, Jun 11:
In search of employment and lack of avenues in big city, the migrant labourers had to come back to their home-town well before arrival of monsoon due to global pandemic COVID-19. At the same time due to lack of transportation facilities, many had to come to quarantine centre on opening of rail and road services and it is here they are finding great relief.
One such case is the Quarantine centre of Gram Panchayat Murtonda where the migrant labourers are getting lot of relief. It is in view of the care and services rendered here the migrant labourers also carried out cleaning of the premises and had done trimming of branches of trees which have fallen due to strong winds and showers and contributed in making this premises look beautiful.
In the quarantine centre at Murtonda, presently 58 migrant labourers are residing and they have come from Telangana, Odisha, AP, Uttarakhand, Punjab and on completion of their quarantine period, would be leaving for their home -town in Bijapur, Bastar, Kondagaon, Bilaspur and other places. Amidst fear of getting infected from Coronavirus, these migrant leaders are also have desire to reach to their near & dear ones who are waiting for their safe arrival. On the other hand, getting the facilities and amenities in the quarantine centre they are all very happy.
One Kamlesh Vetti from Gonvpalli informed that he along with three other friends went to Vijaywada in search of employment. He further informed that during lockdown period, his family members used to urge him to come back and due to which he had return. Presently he is residing here since June.
In the same way one Soni Kawasi from Ramaram informed that he had been to Korba for two year studies in management and it was with help from the local administration she reached here along with four other colleagues here on May 31 and expressed satisfaction on the services being provided here and expressed gratitude towards CM Bhupesh Baghel for the same.
One Kosa Podiyami of Kunna informed that he had been to Bengaluru in search of job and another Raju Kunjam of Koyalabhatti informed that he had been to Hyderabad in search of job and after working in a plywood company for four months he had to return. He informed that facilities in the quarantine centre are very good and here there is homely atmosphere. There is good arrangement of food and boarding and this has helped him in forgetting many earlier woes.
The migrant labourers returning from other states are put into quarantine centres for 14 days and on finding their report as negative after 14 days, they are given certificate and allowed to go back home. They are provided proper breakfast, lunch and water at the quarantine centre and in food green vegetables and ‘dal’ is included. The quarantine centre is being sanitized on regular basis and health examination of all is also done on regular basis.

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