MGNREGA proves to be Sanjeevani during Corona period

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Bhilai, Feb 03: MGNREGA scheme proved to be a Sanjeevani for the villagers of the district amidst the Corona crisis. On the instructions of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, Chhattisgarh launched the MGNREGA works in the villages very early. In Durg district, the labour day of Rs 66 crore rupees was paid to the laborers. At present, 48000 laborers are working for MGNREGA.
As per the block-wise figures, more than 12000 laborers are working in the Janpad Panchayat Durg, more than 23000 laborers in Dhamdha block and more than 13000 laborers are working in Patan block. District Panchayat CEO Sachchidanand Alok informed that under the guidance of Collector Dr Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, works of MGNREGA are being done by identifying useful works in panchayats. Each gram panchayat has been asked to identify the most necessary works. Concrete work is being done on infrastructures related to water harvesting in rural areas through MGNREGA works. Also, according to rural needs, useful infrastructures are also being constructed.
CEO further informed that this time 3845 families have got more than 100 days of employment through MGNREGA scheme. In addition, 40 families have also got employment of 150 days. He informed that under MGNREGA, pond deepening works, construction of new ponds, soak pit etc are being done. Also, special works are being done to increase animal husbandry activities. Among these, works like goat shed, hen shed are prominent.
During Covid period, the economic activity continued in rural areas through MGNREGA. This work was particularly useful for those who had returned back from metros to rural areas due to the lockdown. After completing the quarantine period, they worked as laborer in MGNREGA and it became the basis of their livelihood.
It is noteworthy that during the Corona period, the work was carried out along with precautions of social distancing and sanitization. The use of sanitizer was mandatory in all workplaces. Due to this, the work related to MGNREGA continued and helped to keep people away from infection.

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