Mercury starts showing its true colours, people stay indoors

Raipur: It was mix of cloudy and light rainfall till mid-April, the mercury has now started showing its true colour and the maximum temperature in city has crossed 42.0 Deg.

Celsius here on Wednesday. On the other hand, sudden change in the hot weather has forced people to stay indoors and majority prefers to complete their work in the first half itself and are taking all necessary precautions of umbrella and masks to avoid chances of suffering sunstroke.

The Meteorological department predicts that in the coming days, the mercury is going to soar-high and would reach around 44 Deg Celsius in one week’s time. On Wednesday, Bilaspur city witnessed hottest summer at 42 Deg. Celsius at around 2:30 pm and the capital city Raipur witnessed 41.2 Deg. Celsius. In the same way the other cities also witnessed rise in the temperature and due to high temperature in the morning hours, even the night temperatures were also equally on higher side in most of the cities.

The effect of this high temperature has started becoming visible in city with streets wearing deserted looks during afternoon hours. People are restoring to their offices and premises till the peak afternoon hours and prefers to stay indoors in coolers or AC. Similarly those who are supposed to roam around for official work are left with no option but to cover their face with clothes or umbrella for the pedestrians.

The meteorologist PL Dewangan said that there is a cyclonic storm existing in Northern Chhattisgarh and due to which the mid- Chhattisgarh is receiving light humidity and in view of this some places in Northern Chhattisgarh can witness light showers and cloudy weather. Weather in Raipur and Bilaspur will remain clear and temperature is expected to rise further.

But with rise in temperature in coming day, there are chances that cloudy atmosphere can also emerge in some parts of state. Temperature in Ambikapur was 37.9 Deg Celsius; 41.6 in Bilaspur; 39.3 in Pendra Road; 37.5 Deg. Celsius in Jagdalpur. The night temperature in these cities were in the range of 21.0 Deg Celsius to 25.0 Deg. Celsius. In the coming days the minimum temperature too is expected to witness increase.

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