Memorandum submitted by Sarpanch Sangh

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Nandini-Ahiwara, Sep 18: A memorandum was submitted to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, by Sarpanch Sangh, demanding 14 pointers demand, under the leadership of President Sarpanch Sangh Jhumuk Sahu.
The demands include rate scdehule,2015 for construction and capacitance maintenance works in the present situation, and the estimate of GST of 18% of MNREGA work should be added on material basis. The memorandum also demanded the payment of MNREGA construction work materials should be done within one month so that the work is completed within the stipulated time limit.
Pension scheme, social security, widow and handicap pension should be on Gram Panchayat as per eligibility. Construction work of government department under Panchayat area, upto 50 lakhs, should be made to the respective Gram Panchayat. The amount of 15th finance commission should be simplified on expenditure like the earlier recommendations of 14th finance commission.
It also demanded the no confidence motion of the Sarpanch should be abolished; and action should be taken by the competent authority on the basis of evidence under Section 40. On the misuse of items and economic irregularities, grant approval of community harmony building in each Gram Panchayat honorarium for Sarpanch’s, of Rs.10, 000 per month, was also demanded. The Chief Minster assured a priority wise decision will be taken at the earliest, for which the Sangh has extended its gratitude to the CM.

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