Meeting of Tendupatta pluckers held from 52 villages

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Rajnandgaon, May 15:
A meeting of tenduputta pluckers and collectors from 52 villagers was held in Korachagarh ( Manpur) last on Friday and in this the new Tendupatta purchase policy was reviewed and in this with payment of Rs 4000 as payment for standard lot of Tendupatta, there are chances of some deductions in the bonus and a concern was made on this.
The tendu leave pluckers said that if for any reason the bonus is anywhere affected due to increase in rate for plucking Tendupatta, then they will all unite and launch protest. They warned that if the government plans to take it with one hand and snatch it from another, than this will not be tolerated.
It is notable that the tendupatta pluckers and collectors get a huge amount for plucking these leaves and as bonus as well. In the year 2017, the labour charges were Rs 1800 per standard sack of tendupatta and the Samitis of the region used to get more than 300% of the bonus amount.
In Kondkal Samii, the bonus amount per standard sack of tendupatta is Rs 6214; in Hurli Samiti it is Rs 5994; Rs 4799 in Sharda Samiti and in Sedawahi Samiti and Tatekasa Samiti it is Rs 6000 each. In the forest region, tendupatta is the main forest produce and source of income and therefore any type of deducations in the per standard sack or in bonus would affect the livelihood of people involved in this work.
The meeting was attended by Kissan Sangh – Sudesh Tikam, Uday Netam, Sarva Adivasi Samaj Block President Surju Tekam, Lal Ajam Shah Mandavi, Indrashah Mandavi, Hariram Tulavi, Bagrai Hudaco, Dhruv Potavi, Ramsai Pudo, Mangluram Tulavi, Chatur Pudo and others.

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