Meet Dorje Angchuk: Astrophotographer capturing heavenly bodies in Night Sky

For 23 years now, Dorje Angchuk, an engineer at the Indian Astronomical Observatory – Hanle in the Ladakh region, has involved himself extensively in the starry night skies and the stretch of the cosmic beauty!

Ever since humans have existed, they have looked up with curiosity in their hearts, wondering just how far and wide this whole universe stretches. But there are Astrophiles like Mr Angchuk, who have turned to astrophotography to capture mesmerizing images of night skies, shining stars, celestial objects, rare space events, and more!


With the curiosity about ‘How he started his journey toward capturing space phenomena, the PBNS team reached out to one of India’s most famous astrophotographers Dorje Angchuk, to know about this out-of-the-world art.

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