Medical shops not run by Pharmacist, but by proxies

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 05:
In capital city Raipur and in satellite areas of the city total 750 medicals shops are reported doing business. According to a report most of the people who are said to be involved in business of medicines are not pharmacists.
This is revealed in an investigation carried out by Food & Drug Control department of the state government.
According to the information from sources now department is poised to tighten the noose on those who are found violating the norms. Highly placed sources of the department have said according to the ‘Drug Act 1945’, medicine purchasing and selling would be made in the presence of the pharmacists only, however including Raipur city , across the state – provision of this act is brazenly violated in most of the places.
Officials from the department and people who are involved in the business of medicines have informed that some nursing homes and massive hospitals are also involved in this vicious business and on the advice of Pharma companies opened medical shop in their own names and entrusted a proxy employee to run the shops, however it was not made clear that which big nursing homes and massive hospitals are involved in it. But said that if it was found in investigation then noose can be tighten on them.
On the other hand some medical shop owners have also said on the condition of anonymity that according to the rule of the Act, pharmacist should be present when business is being done, it is mandatory, in the stewardship of pharmacist, medicine purchasing should be done but for many years medical shops are not complying to this rule. As per the information it is clearly stated on Drug license to mention who is the owner of the shop and who is pharmacist?
On the other hand Pharma companies cannot directly supply medicine to the hospital ostensibly they advise the hospitals to open a Medical shop in hospital and sell medicines from that meidlca shop. As per the rule a physician or doctor is not allowed to keep more than a certain amount of medicine in his hospitals or clinic.

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