Medical Camp organized by 219 Battalion CRPF

Konta, Oct 10:
On October 10 led by Nitin Kumar, Commandant 219 Battalion, CRPF a free medical check-up camp was organized by the force at Injaram.  During the free check-up camp, Dr. R. Rahul and Dr. S Sneha checked the patients and free medicines were distributed by Sneha to the passers-by of remote villages traveling on the Injaram-Bheji route. To create awareness about the prevention of diseases caused by drinking, doctors apprised the villagers about its ill affects.   Villagers from nearby villages like Injaram, Asirguda, Gerapad etc. enthusiastically participated in this medical camp and got benefited by getting proper treatment for their disease.
During the program, Unit Senior Medical Officer Dr.R.  Rahul and Medical Officer Dr. S. Sneha told all the villagers coming to this camp about the prevention and treatment of diseases arising with the change of season.  Along with this, the villagers were instructed to always apply masks and keep social distance to protect against corona epidemic in public places at this time. The villagers were assured that the 219th Battalion is always ready to serve them  By participating and making this event successful, also seeing the happiness on the faces of the villagers who came to this camp, it is clear that good relations are being established between CRPF and the nearby villagers.
In the above program Nitin Kumar Commandant 219 V Corps, Achala Ram II Commanding Officer, Dr. R.  Rahul and Dr.  Sneha while addressing the villagers said that you are the future of the country, if you remain healthy, then our country will also be healthy and happy, and also told the villagers that we are always ready for the development of the villages and always for your cooperation.  standing together.  Along with this officer appealed to take advantage of government schemes for the development of the area and assured the villagers of assistance in any problem and said that the facility of hospital located in our main Samvay Injaram is available.

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