‘MBA Chaiwala’ Who Became A Millionaire By Selling Tea

I f you are determined to do something different in life, then nothing is impossible. Prafull Billore of Madhya Pradesh proves this. Billore has a business of selling tea, one so successful that the recorded turnover is Rs 3 crore. 22-year-old Prafull who now lives in Ahmedabad is famous as ‘MBA Chaiwala’ across the country. Let’s take a look at his inspirational journey.Praful Billore today is known as the ‘MBA Chaiwala.’ Despite all the efforts, he has not been able to score well in CAT so he decided to leave studies mid-way.With a broken heart he finally started selling tea on the street.While studying MBA in Ahmedabad he worked part time in a restaurant. During this time, after talking to a tea seller, he decided that he would open a tea shop. On the first day of business, Praful sold only one cup of tea after having spoilt the milk and adding too much sugar. Gradually his tea shop started running well. In a few months, he started earning up to Rs 15,000 a month. Meanwhile, he quit his MBA even though his parents opposed it. Praful struggled to reach the heights. His story is an inspiration for millions across the nation.

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