Many dams and water bodies’ reach to distressingly low level

Raipur: Scanty rainfall in Chhattisgarh has made the situation worst for the farming fraternity. More than a month has passed since first shower of Monsoon received in the state, however the status of rivers, water bodies, ponds and dams, big or small all of them reached to distressingly low level.

Rivulets and Nullah are full of sand, even the biggest dam of the state Gangrel now has only 22% water left in it. Premier Dams which are being used for irrigation purpose has total 37.60 % recharge this year, which is considered to be 15.49% less recharge than that of last year.

This can be seen as bad Omen of water crisis, state has to face in months to come. According to the information total 44 big and small dams are there in Chhattisgarh which are being used not only for irrigation purposes but for industries and civic bodies too. Owing to scanty waterfall none of them are fully recharged as of now.

Last year these dams were topped upto the 50%-53 % till this period and small dams were full to its brim. This year situation seems to be grimmer, in some of the dam’s water body has shrunk to the level, as if they are small pools and some of them are bound to face dry spell. As on July 22 status of the 44 dams in the state is considerably low. Only 37.60% water is retained by these dams.

Last year it was 53.09 % in the corresponding period. In 2017 it was recorded at 50.42%. Experts have expressed apprehension that if state remains bereft of rainfall within couple of days situation may turn grave, since water from these dams is being used for irrigation and for industries as well. Civic body’s thirst is also being quenched by water of these dams.

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