Man booked under Arms Act for possessing firearm with licence for other state

Raipur: Amanaka police on Thursday booked a man under Arms Act after he was nabbed possessing a pistol of licence is valid only within the state of Punjab.

Accused Surjeet Singh (51) of Veer Sawarkar Nagar in Heerapur is residing in the capital since last couple of years. He was recently nabbed flashing a pistol following which police sought from him the licence of possessing the firearm.
While Surjeet did provided a firearm licence to police, it was found to have been issued only for possessing a firearm within the state of Punjab.

With police getting confirmed the validity of the firearm licence from Amritsar district magistrate’s office, they have now registered an offence under Section 30 of Arms Act against Surjeet Singh for illegally possessing a firearm without notifying local administration at any stage.

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