Man arrested for murdering wife in Mowa

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Raipur, Jan 09:

Pandri police have arrested a man from Pragati Nagar in Mowa for murdering his wife late on Friday night suspecting her character. The accused had initially fled from his rented house after committing the crime but was later nabbed by police while attempting to sneak out of the city.
According to police, accused Sanjay Kumar Suryavanshi used to work at a security guard at a Reliance Store in the city and was married to deceased Neelam Pradhan about 2 years ago. Both of them were residing together at the rented house of one Tejashwi Mishra in Pragati Nagar of Mowa. However, dispute between them was a daily feature as Sanjay reportedly suspected his wife’s character and repeatedly accused her of cheating with him.
While such bitter dispute used to regularly happen between them, things went out of hand on Friday night and unable to suppress his anger, Sanjay reportedly strangulated his wife and then from the house leaving it unlocked.
The murder came to light on Saturday morning when a neighbour went to their house for calling Neelam to fill water and found her lying dead on the floor. Pandri police station was immediately informed about the incident following which a patrolling rushed to the spot and conducted a thorough inspection of the house following which the body was sent to hospital for an autopsy.
Soon police registered an offence under Section 302 IPC against the absconding husband and within couple of hours apprehended him. Further investigation in this regard is now underway.

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