‘Mamata trying to divide people by seeking votes on communal lines’

Bhangore, Apr 09 (PTI):
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is trying to divide the people of West Bengal by seeking Muslim votes, Indian Secular Front (ISF) founder Abbas Siddiqui alleged, while claiming that her ploy is helping the BJP in the ongoing assembly elections.
The influential Muslim cleric, in an interview with PTI, alleged that the chief minister is inciting people to resort to violence as the writing is becoming clearer on the wall that she is losing the elections.
“Mamata Banerjee is trying to divide people by asking for Muslim votes. This is unjust. Why is she saying that Hindu and Muslim votes should not be divided? People will vote for whoever they like,” Siddiqui said.
“She is saying that the 30 per cent votes should not be divided, which means the BJP should aim for the 70 per cent votes. Doesn’t she need the 70 per cent votes?
“Trying to create a divide among the people goes against the Constitution, against democracy,” he said, referring to Banerjee’s comments at a recent election rally that prompted the Election Commission to issue her a notice.
Siddiqui also accused the TMC chief of trying to create a disquiet among the Muslims by talking about the division of their votes. “She is trying to foment trouble for Muslims by asking for their votes again and again as this will lead to disquiet in the community. Ultimately Muslims will be blamed if any such things (violence) happen,” he said.
Addressing a public meeting in Tarakeswar in Hooghly district on April 3, Banerjee had urged the people not to divide the minority votes by listening to a “devil” (shaitaan), who she alleged has taken money from the BJP to make communal statements and incite violence.

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