Mamata Banerjee attacked in Nandigram

Nandigram, Mar 10: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been attacked in Nandigram, where she had gone to file her nomination for the coming elections.
Visuals from the spot showed security guards lifting the 66-year-old and placing her on the backseat of a car. Sources said she has sustained injuries in her leg.
Ms Banerjee, who was expected to spend the night in Nandigram, soon left for Kolkata.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday that she was injured in one of her legs after being allegedly pushed during the election campaign in Nandigram.
The incident happened in the evening when Banerjee was outside a temple in the Reyapara area.
“I was standing outside my car with the door open. I was going to a temple there to offer my prayers. Few people came around my car and pushed the door. The door hit my leg,” she said.
The chief minister claimed that her leg got swollen because of the injury and she was feeling feverish.
Speaking to reporters, she said that no local police personnel was present at the spot when the incident happened.
Banerjee, the TMC candidate from Nandigram, alleged that it was a “conspiracy”.
The incident triggered a security scare as the chief minister gets Z-plus protection.
Banerjee, who was supposed to stay the night in Nandigram, was being brought to Kolkata, official sources said.
She was in the area in Purba Medinipur district over the last two days to campaign for the upcoming elections.
Earlier, in the day she filed her nominations in Haldia.

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