Mahan-2 mine becomes safe haven for organised coal smugglers

No break in coal smuggling chain

Rajesh Soni
Surajpur, Jul 08: In Dugga Coal mines of SECL Bhatgaon area coal theft and smuggling continues unabated for more than a decade. The smugglers do not fear the police and administration irrespective of whichever official takes charge in the area. It is alleged that unholy nexus between the police and smugglers and also the alleged involvement of SECL higher officials make coal smuggling from this mine possible at ease.
The illegal collection of the coal is done from Siwriapara of the mines where the villagers in 200-300 in number reach the spot as the sun sets and after filling coal in sacks carry it on their bicycles to a distance of 100 m to dump at a place. This chain continues till morning and in between truck comes to the coal dumping spot and collect the coal for delivering it to the fixed destinations. These coal stocks are consumed in brick kilns which are running around this area. The record of dispatch of coal from these dumps is maintained and even after information about this illegal trade police allegedly turn a nelson’s eye from the entire trade with reasons better known to them.
The area is known for the activities of anti-social elements and due to activity of the coal smugglers, people hardly visit these mines areas. At times public representatives of ruling parties when allegedly do not receive the share in this trade burnt 40 bicycles of the persons involved in carrying coals in bicycles from mines to dump.
Bhatgoan police allegedly ensure that the racket is carried out smoothly. If sources are to be believed Bhatgaon PS in-charge Kishore Kewat even after being transferred to Vishrampur has not left Bhatgaon.

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