Lynching and Ragging

A Call to Action

– Sujit De
Lynching and ragging represent two distressing manifestations of cruelty. Their commonality lies in their sadistic nature, yet they diverge in their severity. While lynching aims to fatally harm the victim, ragging seeks perverse amusement at the victim’s expense, often leading to psychological trauma, scars, and tragically, even suicide.

Both these heinous acts must be promptly eradicated. Turning our attention to the recent surge in lynching incidents across various states in our nation, a discernible pattern emerges. These acts are orchestrated with a specific intention— to instill fear within minority communities. A disturbing new facet is the perpetrators recording these gruesome acts themselves. Whether in the western regions or Manipur, this phenomenon is evident.

It signifies two grave notions: first, the assailants believe that the authorities may be complicit, and second, they aim to propagate a ripple effect of terror throughout the nation’s minority population. Furthermore, the aftermath of recent lynching incidents reveals a disturbing trend. Certain factions glorify the perpetrators, elevating them to heroic status in public displays.

This celebration is unabashedly documented and broadcasted, presenting an alarming shift in societal norms within India. A noteworthy observation pertains to those who remained conspicuously silent amid lynching cases and the subsequent exaltation of the perpetrators.

These individuals seized upon a brutal ragging incident at Jadavpur University as an opportunity to denounce left ideology and the entire university itself. While it is undeniable that universities, including Jadavpur, must adhere to UGC guidelines and take decisive action against the scourge of ragging, this single occurrence cannot be extrapolated to tarnish the institution as a whole. Prior to engaging in sweeping generalizations stemming from isolated incidents, it is imperative to acknowledge the substantial contributions made by numerous Jadavpur University students during the Covid pandemic. Many displayed remarkable heroism by providing food, blood, and oxygen to those in dire need.

Their unwavering fight against majoritarianism and fascism showcases their compassionate spirit. It is unfortunate that the reprehensible actions of a few individuals are being exploited to besmirch the entire reputation of Jadavpur University. However, the university’s legacy remains one of resilience, compassion, and positive impact.


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