Love Wearing High Heels?

Heels are a woman’s best friend! Well, if you can walk around comfortably, adding a pair of heels to your closet is must. And if you like the look of heels on you, then here’s a list to choose from according to your liking and comfort.
High and narrow, these makes the legs look long and elongated for a lean silhouette. Stilettoes get narrower towards the end and are pointed at the toes. They may not be very comfortable for long hours but definitely make a statement! So save the stilettos for those night events which demand you to look dressy with minimal moving around.
Pumps are usually lower in height than stilettos. Pumps offer you the needed height along with stability in movement. Choose from the peep-toes or closed-toes as per your preference. If it’s your first pair, go for a nude or black colour.
Block Heels
Block heels come into picture when you want comfort. They are broader than stilettos and bring more stability to your posture. Choose from slender bases to full wedges or mules. Own a pair of mules which are trending and look perfect for every occasion!
Platform Heels
Though they may not be your everyday wear, platform heels are the most comfortable of the lot. These are for those long days when you’re mostly on your feet . They give better balance as the width of heels is uniform all across.
Kitten Heels
For everyone who detests high heels, kitten heels can be a good option. Or if you’re tall and don’t add on to your height, they are the perfect fit. They are not very high or even too narrow. Perfect for elevating the outfit and not bothering the height, kitten heels are for everyday use.
These are the casual, rope-soled shoes which are either flat or sometimes high-heeled. Apt for those looking for comfort paired with some edgy style!

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