Looking To Change Up Your Space?

Believe that your home is a reflection of your personality. Every facet of your home represents a unique quality about yourself. When you’re redesigning your home be sure to go with your gut and according to me the best ways to give your home more life would be to use a mix of eclectic colours and strategically placed art and decor pieces.
Add Drama
• Add drama with interesting antiques that you get in local markets. Also look out for contemporary wall art. An interesting offbeat element can be a decorative pouf that we’ve just designed. Add offbeat elements according to special spaces/corners at home.
Mix and Match
• Mixing and matching different patterns too can help get the right look when you’re too confused about your style. Likewise, you can also mix and match different styles like traditional and contemporary. When you are mixing, and matching ensure that there is a bit of solid colour in between your prints and designs. Also, what you can do is keep the room constant and keep changing the accessories.
Doing Away with Neutral Colours
• Neutrals are dated. And with people spending more time at home lately, I feel that people should be willing to try out splashy hues in their homes to give it a more cheerful vibe. This can be through upholstering your old piece of furniture with something vibrant or a much needed ‘outdoor inside’ feeling with a nature-inspired wallpaper.
Repurposing Your Space to Maximize Productivity
• I feel that with our newfound agility of working from home, we’ll be very mindful about how our workstation makes us feel. Creating a dedicated WFH space that will get you in the right productive mindset is paramount in 2021. Be it a shifty table that goes along with your sofa, setting up the right kind of lighting to stay focused, or maybe a table accent that inspires you with great ideas.

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