Lockdown is no major solution, avoid going to public places: Singhdeo

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Raipur, Mar 24: Health Minister TS Singhdeo said that the second and dangerous phase of corona virus has returned and on this lockdown is not a major solution. Rather this time in Holi and other such programmes, it is only avoidance of going out in public and following Covid-19 protocol is the only solution for reducing the increasing number of cases, he added. Addressing a press conference at his official residence here on Wednesday Health Minister TS Singhdeo informed that last year it was on March 24 that lockdown was imposed and it continued till May 22 and again it went to its peak in September. So he said that if at all lockdown would have been some firm solution than second wave of corona virus would not have come now. So in the present condition also there should not be any public programme, be it Holi or others, because if the situation gets worse, then it would be out of control.
Thereafter it is Navratri festival and in this also there needs to be paid special attention. As to whether there will be any restrictions this time on Holi, Singhdeo said that final decision on this is to be taken by CM and we can only suggest.
Speaking further Singhdeo said that this is second phase of corona virus and as compared to September last which was considered to be the peak time of this virus, more patients are found in Maharashtra alone this time. The place where there is more of movement the chances of infection are also high there.
When it comes to Chhattisgarh, higher patients are being found in Raipur and Durg and Rajnandgaon district. So one must avoid going out of Chhattisgarh. Now the time has come when the government and concerned department should take some action. At this juncture there is need to strictly follow covid-19 protocol, be it wearing of mask or maintaining social distancing, so as to reduce the increasing number of cases. In case if any person has slightest of the doubt related to corona, then he or she must get themselves tested without any delay.
The number of patients in the first week of March was .99% and which in the tests done on Monday has reached 4.82%. So seeing the situation becoming serious, the number of vaccination per day will be increased in the coming days and as the vaccination will go up the immunity will also increase likewise.

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