Loan waiver and Rs 2500 MSP bring happiness and enthusiasm

Bhilai, May 30:
Rajendra Sahu of village Devada was pushing back his plans of constructing boundary in the piece of land (Byara) for the last several years. Soon after the loan waiver, he got a boundary wall constructed at his ‘byara’. Prahlad Verma of the same village desired to practice hitech farming but was unable to chase his dreams due to financial problems. The loan waiver gave him motivation and now he has purchased a tractor. Poshan Verma has purchased a bike and now he no longer needs to wait for bus to travel. The farmers are able to accomplish all these tasks due to loan waiver and increased income due to increase of MSP to Rs 2500.
Sarpanch Surendra Verma informed that the farmers have received much relief due to loan waiver. They are utilising this money for making better arrangements for farming. Due to reducing profit in farming over the past several years, the farmers were unable to make investments in their fields. Now with the increased income, they are spending money for levelling of their lands, constructing boundary walls in their byaras and other lands used for agricultural processes.
Some other farmers are purchasing tractors and other equipments for agriculture. Verma added that every farmer, who has received benefits of loan waiver, has purchased some or the other item for his house. The business class is also excited with the flow of money in the market.
Kotwar Rakesh Das informed that his mother got loan waiver of Rs 29000. She immediately got her dilapidated house repaired and now they will not be troubled during rainy season. The farmers of village Devada stated that earlier they were not getting sufficient returns against their labour and efforts. For this reason only, their financial condition was not improving even after taking every crop. But the state government’s decision of Rs 2500 MSP of paddy and loan waiver brought a change. Now the farmers will practice agriculture with full interest. The ambitious scheme of “Narwa Garuwa Gurwa Badi” will also benefit the farmers and agriculture. Grazing land was a major problem in rural areas. The new project will eliminate this problem and will ensure better productivity from animal husbandry. Rakesh stated that the farmers were glad when loan waiver certificates were distributed to them.

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