Lively dance performances of Nigerian, Palestinian artistes enthrall audience

Raipur, Oct 28: A wonderful and lively performance by artistes from Nigeria and Palestine mesmerized the audience at the Science College ground in the capital Raipur today on the inauguration of the second event of the National Tribal Dance Festival. Nigerian art teams presented Inkkabi dance based on unity in diversity in the presence of Jharkhand Chief Minister and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, Legislative Assembly Speaker and members of the cabinet and legislators in the festival.
It is a dance dedicated to the water goddesses of Nigeria’s Idem and Inaya River. The wonderful style of Inkkabi dance left a distinct identity among the audience and created a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in the mind. Palestine artistes performed the traditional Dabka dance on the stage. Performed with the mesmerizing rhythms, melody and beats, the dance has presented culture of Palestine. Ancient art, culture and traditions of Chhattisgarh, cultural programmes by artistes from different parts of the country and foreign artistes presented glimpses of traditional art and culture on the world stage.
Artistes of Jharkhand also mesmerized the audience by presenting Kadasa dance in the tribal dance festival. Madia tribal artistes of Bastar, Chhattisgarh presented Gaur dance. This world famous dance performed after the harvest has presented glimpses of culture of Bastar. Artistes from Tripura presented a cultural dance based on the Hojagiri Festival. The three-day grand National Tribal Dance Festival has been organized from 28 October to 30 October with the aim of preserving and promoting tribal art and culture of Chhattisgarh and connecting the primitive art-culture and tradition of different parts of the country and abroad together on the world stage. Artistes from 27 states, 6 union territories of the country and seven other countries are participating in this festival.

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