Leopard with cubs sighted in Majnukapa village

Central Chronicle News
Pandaria,Sep 21: A leopard with cubs aged 1-2 months, were sighted on Friday afternoon in Majnukapa village under Pandariya-block, and aftermath of the sighting, it was continuously seen by different people, in different spots in the region.
A Forest Department team has been deployed and it is estimated that the leopard is not moving at a fast pace, owing to cubs with it, and is being seen within a radius of 3-4 kilometers. The nearest forest area is Rahman Kapa and its distance will be around 15 kilometers from village Majnu Kapa, where the adult leopards and the cubs were first spotted.
Meanwhile the stretch has several settlements and hamlets, which pose danger both for the human population as well as the leopards. According to information, initially the number of cubs reported were two, which now is being said as one, alerting the Forest Department.
According to SDO, Forest Department, Pandaria, Jashveer Singh Maravi a continuous surveillance is being done by the team, and information regarding the leopard spotting has been received, but information regarding the cubs has not been received.

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