Leakage augments water woes in 3 localities

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, May 05:
Leakage in supply line of RMC has created water woes in three bigger localities of Guru Govind Singh Ward. Three Mohallas of this ward viz. Santoshi Nagar Chowk, Saraswati Nagar and Taj Nagar are facing acute shortage of drinking water and water to be use in daily chorus.
It was informed that leakage was spotted near the newly constructed area. Owing to neglect of this leakage water supply was miserably affected in certain residential areas such as Santoshi Mandir Chowk, Saraswati Nagar, Taj nagar and Pandari etc.
Zone -3 Commissioner Arun Sahu said that area in which leakage in supply line was spotted is in Zone 4 , however owing to this leakage supply to his water is affected therefore I have taken initiative to mend the problem.
It is informed that in affected area water supply is made through Motibag water tank. As officials have informed that during construction of Oxyzone leakage was discovered in that area. This leakage is now enhanced with time since it was not mended at the time of its occurrence. Because of this augmented amount of leakage water woes in affected areas is intensified.
Owing to this situation residents have to wait in queue for tanker sometimes for hours. It is informed that from last few days some part of Kalimata ward residents are also getting affected.

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