Large scale sanitisation continues in working areas & rest rooms

Bhilai, Sep 23: About 50 men hired contractually by SAIL-Bhilai Steel Plant are engaged in large-scale sanitisation in different shops and departments, including cranes, rest rooms, shift rooms, pulpits and control rooms besides other operational areas. Sanitisation with the help of battery operated sprayers is being carried out simultaneously in different shops and departments on regular basis.
Sanitisation was carried out in Steel Melting Shop 2 premises including convertor and caster area, works building and Express Lab; works building and shop area of Sinter Plant 2 and 3, Plate Mill, Ore Handling Plant Part A, Blast Furnace 7, shop locations of RMP 2, MRD Building, Slag Yard 2, CHM 1,2,3,4 Buildings, RMP 2 Building, Coal Towers of Coke Oven Batteries 9 and 10 including shift rooms; Works Building, Shop area including Long Rail Complex of Rail & Structural Mill; pulpits, shift rooms, furnace and Mill area, visual inspection rooms, drop test area & rail welding line of Universal Rail Mill; working areas of Water Treatment Plant; Welfare Buildings 1,2,3,7 and 15 etc.
The sanitisation in different shops and departments is being carried out under the supervision of Civil Engineering Department with Departmental Safety Officers of respective departments guiding the sanitisation workers to different locations. The same group of contractual sanitisation workers has also been engaged for sanitisation of driver cabins of all incoming trucks and commercial vehicles from Boria Gate and Rolling Mills gate, Khursipar.
In view of the current threat of COVID 19, the Management has also procured & issued Cotton Knitted Rubber Dotted Safety Handgloves to employees who are exposed to areas of multiple contacts and high-touch areas, such as Control Rooms, Control Pulpits, Crane Operating Cabins etc, so as to safeguard them against spread of Coronavirus. To begin with, Rail & Structural Mill & Universal Rail Mill departments were issued 800 pairs & 252 pairs of these gloves, respectively on Sept 15, 2020. 700 pairs of these gloves were given to Plate Mill employees on Sept 20, 2020. This will be followed by distribution of gloves for employees working in other strategic locations.

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