kshay Kumar’s Gold stepped into the double digit zone again on Friday as 10.50 crore came in

After bringing in 8 crore on Thursday, this was a decent jump and now one waits to see how much bigger does the film turn out to be today and tomorrow.

Since the Reema Kagti film is primarily a multiplex affair, a good jump is definitely on the cards. Such genre of films finds good footfalls on Saturday and Sunday with family audiences arriving in hordes. Moreover, this is also a regular weekend and hence good momentum is definitely on the cards. As things stand today, at least 25 crore more would certainly come in these two days and it won’t be surprising if the numbers come close to the 30 crore mark as well.

So far, the film has collected 43.75 crore* at the Box Office. With the extended weekend set to bring the total in the vicinity of 70 crore, one waits to see where does Gold eventually land up in the final run.


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