Karate is a must for everyone says Hanshi Premjit Sen

World Referee and Karate Coach

    Shilpa Mitra

Hanshi Premjit Sen who is President of Karate Do Association of Bengal, Chairman and a World Referee and Karate Coach shared her views on different aspects of Karate. Hanshi Premjit Sen is Gold medalist of World Cup of Martial Arts in the year 2003 and 2008 in Australia and also the champion in the Europe Open Championship in the year 2009.

Hanshi Premjit

Please share your journey from Premjit Sen to Hanshi Premjit Sen?
The journey from Premjit Sen to Hanshi Premjit Sen has been amazing. I have made mistakes, learned from them which helped me grow. I started my career as a player and have earned medals at the National and the International level and now I am a WKF referee and a coach. Hanshi Premjit Sen is still a learner who is always ready to learn new things. I train everyday with the same effort as I used to do 20 years back. I think that the will to always learn has helped me grow.

What do you think karate could be used in an educational setting?
Absolutely, Karate can be used in an educational setting. The Karate athletes will be highly benefited by this. The athletes would then be able to put in more time to their practice.

As you were Gold Medalist of World Cup of Martial Arts in the year 2003 and 2008 in Australia and the champion in the year 2009 in the Europe Open Championship. Do you want your students to be able to access this success in future?
Every coach would want their students to carry on with their legacy. The feeling of representing one’s country and winning medals for it cannot be explained. I would love to relive this feeling through my students again and again.

How does Karate help you read body language (i.e. kinesthetic literacy)?
Karate plays an important part in kinesthetic literature. Kata helps the person to develop static balance control, explosive power and motor coordination and Kumite on the other hand helps the person to develop dynamic balance control, reaction time, strategy and tactic.

What do you think? Should every school make Karate as a compulsory physical education subject?
In today’s time, karate is a must for everyone. It helps in self defence. Not only self defence it improves the concentration of a person and concentration is the key to success in any field. Therefore karate should definitely be made compulsory in educational institutions.

How does karate help you see the interconnectedness of things?

Karate plays a key role in developing the concentration of an individual. Kumite helps in developing the attentiveness that is needed to see the interconnectedness of things.

How will the players recover if they are going to be part of any tournament in coming days? Because due to Covid 19, Karate students are getting training only through virtual connectivity?
Everyone faces setbacks in their life but they have to overcome it to achieve. I know my students, they are determined and they will cope up easily. Moreover the virtual training has been conducted very efficiently and I don’t think there will be much set back in the performance.

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