Kamna Pathak fulfils her mango obsession

E veryone’s favourite mango season has arrived and so has the sweet obsession of people towards what is popularly known as the King of fruits in India. While most people spend their time devouring the fruit, &TV’s Happu Ki Ultan Paltan took their love for the fruit one level up. The show that has always believed in bringing forth creativity in its original form decided to now showcase people’s fondness for mangoes.
Taking advantage of the ripe mango trees grown at their set in Mumbai, the makers shot a scene where the lead actress, Kamna Pathak was made to climb a Mango tree located in the vicinity. At first, the entire team was a little sceptical about pulling off the scene without causing any physical damage, but decided to give in to the challenge. The daring actress, dressed in a saree resembling the colour of ripe mangoes, had to give several retakes as she struggled to keep her costume in place as it kept coming in the way of her climbing the tree. After several attempts, the actress finally found a way to climb up and couldn’t help but recollect her childhood days, when she did the same activity with much ease.
“I used to often climb over the mango and guava trees located in my neighbourhood back as a kid and was all game for it once again when I was told to do it for my scenes in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. It was honestly intimidating at first because I wasn’t sure if I could climb the tree in a heavy saree and jewellery. We thought of using the help of a ladder, but felt somewhere that it would take away the authenticity and originality of the scene. We succeeded in the end and had some great moments on the set. It was all in all actually quite an exciting experience,” said Kamna.
Bringing the mango twist in one of the episodes, the makers included a special track where Rajesh will be seen making ‘aam ka achaar’ for the family. Happu’s wife, Rajesh will be seen climbing atop a mango tree to pluck mangoes and make tasty pickle on the insistence of Katori Amma.
To know more watch Happu Ki Ultan Paltan from Mon-Fri at 10 PM only on &TV.

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