Joint TUs express concern over condition of Education Department

Central Chronicle News :
Bhilai, June 07: The lack of cleanliness at the schools of Bhilai Steel Plant is a matter of great concern in the Steel City. Bush cutting and other cleanliness activities were not conducted last year at the school compounds. Water logging in the bushy areas and grounds also remained unattended. These areas became the breeding grounds for mosquitoes during rainy season. Possibly due to this reason only, a large number of students of these schools suffered dengue fever last year.
Joint Trade Unions – Chhattosgarh Mazdoor Sangh and Ispat Shramik Manch discussed this issue with Education Department Chief Vaishali Supe and demanded immediate action on her part to protect the health of students. Union leader Rajesh Agrawal demanded the bush cutting and cleaning works at the school compounds and surrounding areas should be conducted before the outbreak of rainy season. Proper arrangements should be made to prevent water logging in the grounds and other places. Management assured to take appropriate steps over these issues. It was further informed that Education Department is in constant touch with Public Health Engineering Department and concrete steps will be taken to curb mosquito menace in the schools.
CGMS General Secretary Sheikh Mehmood stated that the BSP management is not paying attention towards the education department. No fresh recruitment has been made since 2006 in this department. Today, the schools lack faculty of Commerce, Home Science, Engineering Drawing and other subjects. Due to this reason only, the students are leaving the BSP schools and have to take admission in private schools. Mehmood suggested arranging teachers from internal human resources of the plant. There are many employees in plant who are highly qualified and desire to work in education department. These employees can be transferred in education department.
Due to degrading condition of BSP schools, the employees are forced to get their wards admitted in private schools and spend huge amount as tuition fee. CGMS leader Mangesh Hardas stated that of the BSP management cannot provide proper educational facilities; then it should pay education allowance to the employees. Union leaders informed that there is only one teacher of Home Science in BSP education department. She is also going to superannuate in two years. After that there will be no teacher for this stream and consequently this stream will also be closed down. The unions demanded concrete steps for enhancing the quality of education facilities and recruit new teachers.
Rajesh Agrawal, Kishore Marathe, IS Thakur, Sitaram Sahu, Gaind Lal Verma, RD Deshlehra, Mukund Gangber, Deepak Soni, VK Dubey, Tamewar Thakur, Yuvraj Gaur, Sheikh Mehmood, Vinod Sagarkar, DK Singh, Pradeep Vshwas, Arvind Pandey, V Sur, Giriwar Sahu, Vimal Kant, Mangesh Hardas, Subhash Maharana, Sarthi Maharana and others were present.

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