Jawans save life of three from ‘nullah’

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Balod, Sep 18: Generally we have seen that when a person lands in trouble there are only few to extend helping hand and in one such incident jawan of Balod police came like saviour for the family whose car had fallen in the ‘nullah’ and saved life of three.
It was on Sept 14, a police team from Cyber Cell and Doundi Thana were going from Balod to Mahasamund. It was around 8:00 in the night, they reached Tumgaon of Mahasamund district and they realised that something had fallen below the ‘nullah’. The team immediately stopped their vehicle and when they looked down in the ‘nullah’, they found a car fallen inside it and few persons inside were trying to come out. Seeing this one of the jawan’s Sandeep and Daman immediately jumed into the ‘nullah’.
Water has started filling inside the car:
The jawans on their return to Balod from Mahasamund inforemd that water from the nullah had started entering the car and it was on timely decision by the jawans, they broke open the doors of the car and took out husband, wife and their kids safely and immediately informed Ambulance and took them to nearest hospital and saved their life.
Couple were going to Bhoring from Dev Tilda:
As per information in this regard, Shekhar Sahu along with his wife and one & half year old daughter were going to Bhoring from Dev Tilda. It was in-between Tumgaon, his car turned turtle hitting the wall of nullah ahead of Mahanadi amidst heavy rains. During this the Balod Police Cyber Cell and Thana Doundi team were passing from nearby and this comprised of head constable Gyanesh Chandel, constale Sandeep Yadav, constable Aaksh Dubey, constable Daman Verma and driver Constable Vikas Upadhyay. They halted at the incident side and safely took out the three from the car, who otherwise would have got choked to death as water was fast entering the car.
SP hails jawans dare attempt:
The SP Balod district Sadanand Kumar has hailed the dare and courage on part of jawans to have saved the life of three who had fallen into the ‘nullah’ along with their car and added that Police is always there to help the people in trouble and end social evils for benefit of the society. During the police training, they are taught about service to humanity and the jawans of Cyber Cell Balod by helping three have done such a commendable work for humanity.

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