Jairam, Owaisi attack Rajnath for his ‘Gandhi-Savarkar comment’

New Delhi, Oct 13 (PTI) : A day after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s remark that it was on Mahatma Gandhi’s request that Veer Savarkar wrote mercy petitions, some opposition leaders attacked the minister on Wednesday, alleging that he was “trying to rewrite history”.
Congress leader Jairam Ramesh and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi shared on Twitter a letter by Gandhi on Jan 25,1920 to Savarkar’s brother regarding a case, and accused the Union minister of giving a “twist” to what Gandhi wrote.
The AIMIM leader also said the first petition Savarkar wrote was in 1911, just six months after getting to prison and Gandhi was then in South Africa. Savarkar wrote again in 1913/14 and Gandhi’s advice is from 1920, he added. “Rajnath Singhji is amongst the few sober and dignified voices in Modi Sarkar. But he doesn’t seem to be free of the RSS habit of rewriting history. He has given a twist to what Gandhi actually wrote on Jan 25 1920. Here is that letter to Savarkar’s brother,” Ramesh said on Twitter while sharing the letter.
“Rajnath Singh has clearly blown Gandhi’s letter of Jan 25 1920 out of context. Not surprising. This is par for the course for the BJP/RSS,” he said in another tweet.
Defending Savarkar, BJP MP Rakesh Sinha tweeted “Congress opposes Savarkar ji who never integrated with British administration and exhibited the highest sacrifice for the Motherland. However, some people had regular dining at Mountbatten’s home.”
BJP IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya in a tweet quoted Gandhi on Savarkar “he is clever. He is brave, he is a patriot. The evil, in its hidden form of the present system of Government, he saw much earlier than I did. He is in the Andamans for having loved India too well. Under a just government he would be occupying a high post’ – Gandhi on Savarkar.”
Jairam Ramesh’s comments were in response to a historian and Savarkar’s biographer Vikram Sampath, who tweeted, “Some needless brouhaha about the statement by Rajnath Singh.”
“In my Vol 1 and in countless interviews I had stated already that in 1920 Gandhiji advised Savarkar brothers to file a petition and even made a case for his release through an essay in Young India 26 May 1920. So what’s noise about,” Sampath said.
Tweeting on the issue, another historian S Irfan Habib said, “Yes, monochromatic history writing is really changing, led by the minister who claims Gandhi asked Savarkar to write mercy petitions. At least it is accepted now that he did write. No documentary evidence needed when the minister makes a claim. New history for New India.”
Owaisi attacked Singh and said,”Sir @rajnathsingh you said that Savarkar’s grovelling mercy petitions were on Gandhi’s advice. Here’s the letter to Savarkar from Gandhi. No mention of petition to the British begging for leniency, mercy and promising to be a faithful servant of the crown.”

‘Savarkar worked on British agenda of ‘divide and rule’ post jail release’

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Wednesday claimed freedom fighter Veer Savarkar worked on Britishers’ agenda of ‘divide and rule’ after coming out of jail in 1925 and he was the first to come up with the “two-nation theory”. He was replying to a query on Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s remark on Tuesday that it was on Mahatma Gandhi’s request that Savarkar wrote mercy petitions to the British. …Tell me one thing, where was Mahatma Gandhi at that time? He was in Wardha (Maharashtra) and where was he (Savarkar)? He was in Cellular Jail (in Andaman and Nicobar Islands).
“How would they have contacted (each other)? He filed mercy petitions from jail… not once but half a dozen times,” Baghel told reporters at the Police Lines helipad here.
The Congress CM accused Savarkar of colluding with the British to further their ‘divide and rule’ policy.


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