IT team raids dozen establishments of 2 Advt agencies

Jointly in Ch'garh and MP

Raipur, Nov 06:
The Investigation Wing of Income Tax (IT) department conducted raids on 7 establishments of an Advertising Agency ASA Group and ‘Vyapak Advertiser’ in capital city here on Friday morning. At the same time, IT’s MP team also conducted survey and raids in about a dozen establishment of ‘Vyapak Advertiser’ in Bhopal as well.
The IT’s investigation win reached ASA’s office and residential premises in capital city and at ‘Vyapak Advertiser’ office and residence of Director at 6:00 am.
IT sleuths reach at 6:00 am:
The IT investigation wing team first conducted raid on residential premises of ASA Group at Anandam Palace at 6:00 am. Along with this other team reached ASA’s Gurunanak Chowk office and at Workshop in Gudhiyari. Since the offices were closed, the investigation began on arrival of staff and Director of the firm.
The ASA Group having office in Magneto Mall deals with hoarding business in state, ‘Kiyasks and Paper’ advt.
The team along with this raided the residential place of Director of Vyapak Advertiser at Walfort City and office at Magneto Mall. Another IT team in MP raided the Vyapak Group’s office and house in Malviya Nagar in Bhopal (MP). This group also deals with hoarding and ‘Kiyasks’ business and also indulges in event management.
Computer records checked:
The IT sleuths are conducting checking and scrutiny of computer records of both the Company’s offices. Among the points they are checking are lease amount of hoardings and difference in the bills issued to the customers for hoardings. Along with this they are also investigating into real-estate by the Directors of the Group. The IT officers have so far not made any major disclosure about IT evasion, but the same is expected to be clear in 1-2 days.
Team of 45 IT sleuths raided:
The IT’s investigation team comprised of around 45 officials from Chhattisgarh Unit in this entire action. Along with this around 50 officers and employees from the Police Department were also present.
The first action was taken against the advertising and hoarding Company ASA office in Tatibandh and Gurunanak Chowk and at Vinayak and Vyapar Advertiser in Magneto Mall in Raipur. In this the IT team has seized some documents which are related to officer posted in DPR department of the state government. As per information available, this Company has done business worth crores from DPR in last 10 years. IT team continued this action till evening hours and is analyzing upon the documents and books of account seized.
Generally the traders and businessmen show interest in adjusting of bills related to raw materials and actual transactions during this peak festive season and indulge in tax evasion. In other words this survey and raid is indirectly a warning to all such traders and industrialists.
The Investigation Wing of IT Department conducted survey on four businessmen and raid against two others on Friday morning in three big cities of Raipur, Bilaspur and Bhopal here on Friday and this left ripples during peak of festive season among business fraternity.

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