Irregularities surface in Veterinary Department

Dairy owners complain of father-son

Kawardha, Jul 14: The activities of father-son duo, father posted as Deputy Director in district headquarters and son posted as Veterinary Doctor in Veterinary Hospital Kawardha has taken dairy owners and staff of the department for a ride. Even after repeated complaints no action on father-son duo and in spite of area coming under dashing minister Mohammed Akbar’s constituency raises doubt about unholy nexus of higher officials in this case. It needs to be mentioned here, earlier in the name of animal transportation during Agriculture Fair, funds were drawn by presenting the false bill and when the matter came to light new bills were submitted to deceive the eyes of the collector. Dairy owners have been vocal against father-son duo and father occupying the post of Deputy Director prevents any investigation against the son who is Veterinary Doctor. On July 08 dairy owners once again raised the issue with Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister and demanded suspension of father-son duo. He assured of taking action against them. However, even after the transfer of Dr Vinay Mishra posted as Veterinary Doctor from his present place of posting his father Deputy Director was able to convince the collector that Dr Mishra’s presence is mandatory in the district and was successful in cancelling the transfer.
It needs to be mentioned here, Dr Mishra was transferred to Manpur( Rajnandgaon) in August 2019 but following an appeal in HC he was not relieved. But an order by Livestock Development Department dated June 19, 2020 overruled relaxation given by HC and paved the path of doctor’s transfer to Manpur. Sources confirmed that Deputy Director father was able to convince the collector that the presence of Dr Vinay Mishra is essential in the district and was successful in preventing his transfer.

What officials say
“ The government has issued transfer order but we need to run the district too, till the time another doctor comes collector has been requested to halt the transfer. Collector has asked to wait so Dr Mishra has not been relieved. The administration has been asked to give their comments on the matter.”
Dr N P Mishra
Deputy Director
Veterinary Services

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