Internal Valuation of Urban Literacy programme held

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Raipur, May 09: Internal Valuation work of the students of first batch under the “Shahri Kriyatmak Saksharta” (Urban Literacy programme) was held at the e-Literacy Center established at Birgaon Municipal Corporation. Skill examination was organised for the assessment of the e-Skill earned by the students after a 30-day course being conducted under the programme. District Project Officer PR Chandrakar, Assistant Project Officer Chunnilal Sharma, Block Development Project Officer Lokesh Kumar Verma were present during the Valuation work.
Prior to the above work, the Skill Assessment Exam International Valuation work being undertaken at Tikrapara Raipur too has been completed in accordance to the directives issued from State Literacy Mission Authority. External Valuation for Skill Examination of both the centers would be taken up later this month.
Member Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Dr Gaurav Kumar Singh has asked the students to avail the benefits of earned skills in their daily life to improve their living standard.

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