Indirect actions instead of direct words!

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Raipur, Jun 01:
It is doubtlessly unceremonious and unbecoming on the part of the state government to have come up publicly with its decision (?) to replace the Advocate General Kanak Tiwari with Advocate Satish Chandra Verma in the post. It is like referring to indirect actions in place of direct words on the part of the Congress government. Who could better understand and explain, if not advocates, the difference between ‘expression of unwillingness’ and ‘willingness to relinquish’. A Congressite, and two decades ago so prominent a leader as to hold the office of the general secretary of the party, Advocate Kanak Tiwari is too senior a lawyer as well to be stricken with the idea of prolonging the issue in the interest of judiciary, albeit the issue calls for chaffing further to get at a conclusion how an expression could be (mis)taken for what the Advocate General does not mean! Along with the powers that a government has as a prerogative to wield, a need of decorum of action must go to mean that the appointed incumbent deserves no less esteem that a public representative does, lest the practice should remain ‘hire and fire’ lookalike. What happens in courts is solemnly taken for justice and the role of advocates is indispensable to the system. In a public welfare state an advocate general’s is to protect the interests of the state and at the same time guarding the process from encroaching upon the rights of the plaintiffs. What can be said of the confusion in which an advocate general is not as satisfied with the way the government asking him to exit as enthused he was when he took over five months ago? As even Supreme Court judges could not remain restrained about what had happened in the court and added a chapter of ‘unbridled expressions’ in the open, Chhattisgarh government must save its system from being unreasonable. The law, lawyers and the lawmakers need to feel the necessity with a sense of togetherness.

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