‘INDIA’ Represents The Essence Of India

- Kajal Chatterjee

The Preamble of the Constitution starts with the following words “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC Republic …” with assurance to secure Justice Liberty Equality and Fraternity to all its citizens.

Well what is the state of Socialism Secularism Democracy Justice Liberty Equality and Fraternity – – all remains right in front of our eyes ; now the situation has come to such a pass that even the word “INDIA” also arrives as something “anti-national” or “alien” in the lexicon of the “nationalists”.

Though the matter is extremely unfortunate and poses assault upon the very dignity of the Constitution and idea of India as well; but it is least surprising as a particular political/ ideological force not only pursues the parochial divisive muscleflexing ideology of “Hindi-Hindu- Hindustan” in this diverse secular multi-lingual land of all, a political honcho of that camp is also notorious enough for attacking Muslims in every possible opportunity without any basis with the latest accusation being “conspiracy” by the Muslim vendors for increase in prices of vegetables.

When a person holding a Constitutional Chair is required to be appearing and acting absolutely neutral while performing his/her duties towards citizens of all demographic credentials, how openly and nakedly can he paint Muslims as “villain” in regular intervals.

So the person who openly acts against the Constitutional spirit of India would naturally can’t digest the word “INDIA” itself and so promptly changes his “citizenship” to “BHARAT” from “INDIA” in social media account. Just because of the increasing might of these folks in various Constitutional chairs blaming Muslims for increase of price of vegetables, equating victims of communal pogrom with puppies trampled under cars, identifying criminals with their dress hinting at a particular community, describing a constituency of India as “mini Pakistan”/”where majority is in the minority”; urgent necessity arrives to protect the Idea Integrity Unity Secularism and the Constitutional ethos of India from the marauding forces and the acronym “INDIA” provides the best umbrella under which the sane elements can unite and save the country from moral disintegration.

As for the staunch opposers of “INDIA”, they are engaged in a zealous mission to belittle the proposed coalition right from the announcement. Few points or doubts are are certainly concrete whether electoral alliance between Congress and AAP in Delhi and Punjab or that between TMC and Congress-Left in West Bengal will attain success without hiccups or whether Congress can zealously launch tirade against Hindutva despite presence of AAP and Shiv Sena(Uddhav Thackeray) in the alliance. Still how can they pooh-pooh the proposed alliance “INDIA” as a “joke” or “comedy show” of sorts.

How can they jump to such a bizarre conclusion without allowing the alliance to prosper and bear fruit through successive meetings! None other than time will tell what “INDIA” will bring to the table of the electorate.

If the coming together of political parties opposed to BJP is a matter to belittle about, why don’t the Godi media, Bhakt journalists and Who’s Who of the party dare to ignore the alliance in the first place. Rather just like they treat their favourite whipping boy “Pappu”, “INDIA” is also being barbarically attacked by the high and mighty right from the day of its very inception; thereby proving the alarm being felt by them.

Mere invocation of the word “INDIA” reminds some of a colonial company and a terrorist organization. Naturally the question arises whether the much zealously-shouted rhetoric of “DIGITAL INDIA” or “SKILL INDIA” also remind them of “East India Company” or “Indian Mujahideen”. And even if it is assumed(just for the sake of argument) that all leaders under the acronym “INDIA” are “united” in pursuance of personal goal of grabbing the Prime ministerial Chair; it needs to be asked whether that chair is reserved for a particular leader of a particular party only, that too for eternity. As for their much exploited “trump card” – – – “Who is its alternative”, they must remember that the Indian electoral system is diametrically opposite to the American Presidential system where fight is between faces.

But in the Indian electoral system, people exercise their franchise in favour of concerned parties according to their respective ideologies. So despite no projection of a Prime Ministerial face on behalf of Congress or UPA, the Indian electorate had voted out the BJP-led government from power in 2004 so as to pave the way for the former towards the seat of governance instead of wondering which face would replace Atal Behari Vajpayee.

The same truth holds true for the upcoming 2024 general polls also as the main battle would be between ideas and vision for India- Secularism vs Communalism, Socialism vs Crony-capitalism, Freedom of speech vs Throttling of voice, Love vs Hatred, Compassion versus Indifference. Yes, force of love/compassion is the alternative. Brotherhood/Bonhomie is the alternative.

Democratic right of fearless expression is the alternative. Secularism, Idea of India and it’s integrity is the alternative. Humanity is the alternative. And that alternative is none other than the concept named “INDIA”.


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