Importance of mental health highlighted on ‘Mental Health Day’

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Bhilai, Oct 10: Under the guidance and direction of District and Sessions Judge Rajesh Srivastava (President, District Legal Services Authority, Durg) and under the Pan India Outreach program of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the Mental Health Day was observed in Durg district by Para Legal Volunteers. Explaining the importance of health, it was explained to the people that in today’s fast life, everyone is going through mental pressure, but very few people give importance to it.
Due to the ignorance, people become victims of mental illness like mental stress, depression, anxiety to hysteria, dementia, etc. World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10 to understand the importance of mental health. Its purpose is to spread awareness about mental problems among the people.
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It affects our ability to think, understand, feel and act. To avoid any kind of problem related to mental health, special attention should be paid to the diet so that one can remain safe from any kind of diseases. The Mental Health Care Act 2017 was enacted in the year 2017.
The main objective of this act is to provide mental health protection and services to people suffering from mental diseases. At the same time, this act also ensures the right of mental patients to live life with dignity. According to this Act, “mental disease” means disorders relating to thought, mood, cognition and memory, etc.
The Act ensures that every person shall have the right to access to mental health services. The Act also entitles all people below the poverty line to free treatment. According to the Act, every mentally ill person shall have the right to a life with dignity and shall not be discriminated against on any grounds including gender, religion, culture, caste, social or political beliefs, class or disability.
A mentally ill person shall have the right to maintain confidentiality in relation to his mental health, treatment and physical health care. Photographs or any other information relating to a mentally ill person may not be made public without the consent of the mentally ill person.
To be healthy, it is very important to have a healthy mind. If you are mentally fit then you can easily solve the problems in life. Spend more time with people who have positive thinking. People who are socially active tend to be healthier. Therefore, one should try to behave well with people and think well.
Every person should try to help others when they need it. One will get a lot of happiness by putting the energy in helping others. Being happy helps in keeping the mind healthy.

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