Illegal felling of ‘teak’ trees going on openly

Balod, Feb 11:
A poor tribal person Arjun Singh Goud wants to earn some cash by felling ‘teak’ trees on the border area of his farm in Gram Piparkhar so that he can get his daughter married. He made an application to the Collector and based upon which the department’s officer came for inspection and went back. But till date Arjun Singh has not got permission to cut the ‘teak’ tree in his house.
So in this case wherein a poor tribal is made to wander and visit department’s office just to get few ‘teak’ trees cut that too in his farm, on the other, the Forest Mafia is felling green and tall ‘teak’ trees in the jungle openly and no action is being taken and the remaining truck of fallen tree in the region stands testimony to it.
It is notable here that illegal felling of costly and rare ‘teak’ tree is being carried out in Doundilohara Forest circle for past few months and it is leading to denuding of rich ‘teak’ forest cover in the region. As per information in this regard, it is in Gainji and Lohartola ‘beet’ area of Piparkhar, Bhindo, Dutamardi, Dalakasa, and Jhartola that many ‘teak’ trees have been denuded and there are many other trees half-cut and now only trunk of the main tree is remaining.
With axe on ‘teak’ trees, silence on part of deptt raises eyebrows!
With felling of green and tall ‘teak’ trees in the region, the silence on part of the Forest Department officers in-charge of the region is something beyond one’s understanding. The forest and wood mafia in Doundilohara area so fearless and strong that they are cutting the green teak trees without any permission and even after this no firm action has been taken against anyone.
Felling teak tree of other farm, led to disclosure of this case:
This case of illegal felling of ‘teak’ tree came to fore when a green ‘teak’ tree in the revenue land of other’s farm was illegally cut by a wood contactor without seeking any permission in this regard. For this a meeting in the village was held and the wood contractor was fined Rs 10000 as penalty.
Patwari speaks double language:
When the farmers in Gainji beet of Jhartola were inquired about illegal felling of teak trees, they informed that they were taken by the contractor to Patwari and he in turn said that first they can cut the trees and then case will be prepared.
Transportation during night:
The people from wood and forest mafia are involved in illegal felling of ‘teak’ trees and most of such work is done in the night and it is safely transported to saw mills. In this way daily costly ‘teak’ trees worth lakh are being cut and sent to saw mills. People and farmer of the region say that at one place where the government has formed strict laws to avoid felling of ‘teak’ trees, on the other none from the revenue or Forest department are holding patrolling or vigil or surprise visit to check percentage of teak forest cover. People say that if the department or higher-ups do not take some firm action on time, then it may be too late and entire region may never see ‘teak’ tree plantation or thick forest cover of this type.
Tree can be cut without permission:
If any person is having trees in his land which cannot be cut without permission and it is for some reason that he wants to cut it, then for this permission from revenue department is required. The person has to give details of number of trees to be cut, area, species of tree, height and thickness.

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