Illegal coal business flourishing under nexus of white-collared officials

Raigarh, May 01:
In case of illegal mining and transportation of coal from the district, the tall claims by the Mining and police administration seems to be failing and its live example is Gharghoda where a dozen coal loaded trucks were seized illegally transporting ‘black diamond’ and still the business goes on unabated. As per information in this regard, despite change of power in the state, it is with due protection of white-collared, those involved in coal business are minting money. Dozens of coal mafia have become active near Gharghoda viz. Chimtapani, Kudumkela, Tilaipali, Baroud, Chotiguda, and dozen other village where illegal excavation of coal is going on. This is going on to the extent that large pond-size digging of land has been done in these areas. There are reports that due negligence on part of the government machinery, the coal mafia has involved the villagers into this business and in this some are terrorised and others are offered allurement in illegal coal business.
Role of ‘Khakhi’ still insignificant:
Thea influence of the well-known coal mafia prospering with protection of white- collared people in Gharghoda area can be assesed from the fact that majority of cases of illegal coal business found in this region, the vehicles were seized without any action from the police. At the same time the strictness on part of the police before this powerful coal mafia can be understood from the fact that the former TI Rathore, who is reported to have made up his mind the tender resignation based upon the pressure from coal mafia and who after explanation was transferred somewhere else. After this particular incident even the newly appointed TI in-Charge has already surrendered his weapons before the coal mafia of Gharghoda region. So in this region blessed with mineral resources, neither of the three departments viz. Forest Mining or Police holds much of say and in such conditions with passing of every day, Gharghoda is slowly become den of illegal coal business.
Even informer machinery fails:
As such for past few months the police’s informer’s machinery itself is unorganised. But in Gharghoda and coal affected areas, the police informer system seems to have completely failed. Irrespective of the reason, but with sunset the illegal transportation and movement of coal loaded trucks continued right under the nose of police and they fail to take any action.
Though the police terms it as failure of its intelligence wing and are trying to save their skin. But the major question here is that if the coal mafia continues to carry out illegal excavation of coal and other minerals from the region, then what will happen to the very claim by SP that the statement he made in public to close down this illegal coal business purely relying upon TI. The working system of the police definitely comes under scanner, as the accused in the life-threatening attack on the IAS a fortnight back by a mafia person is still at large and the police has not been able to trace him till date.
On the other hand in these cases both in case of allegations and counter-allegations, they give evidence of full political connection of coal mafia openly. In such conditions the haplessness on part of the ‘rule of law’ can every well be understood.
For strict action against illegal coal business, each TI has been given strict action and the place where information is coming, due action is being taken jointly by Forest and Mining department. In some of the action taken earlier, some illegal stock of coal was seized and on which there was no pressure on police. Rajesh Agarwal – SP- Raigarh.

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