I wouldn’t survive, look at the strike rates: Rahul Dravid on international cricket of today

New Delhi, Jun 09 (PTI):
Rahul Dravid has no qualms conceding that he wouldn’t “survive” international cricket of today by batting at the pace he did at his prime but neither does he believe that defensive technique will become redundant even though the “value is decreasing”.
Dravid said the likes of Virat kohli and Rohit Sharma “have blown the ODI paradigm to an all new level” but a Cheteshwar Pujara will also always be needed in Test cricket. As for himself, he doesn’t mind being called defensive as he always wanted to be a Test player.
“If it meant occupying the crease for a long time or tiring the bowlers out or blunting out the new ball in difficult conditions so that it’s easier to play later, I did it,” Dravid said on ESPNCricinfo’s Videocast with former India player Sanjay Manjrekar.
“I saw that as my job and took great pride in it…That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to bat like Virendra Sehwag and hit those shots but may be my talent were different. My talent was determination and concentration and I worked on that,” he added.
The former captain also pointed out that with more than 300 ODIs under his belt, he wasn’t just there to guard the wicket either.
“Of course I wouldn’t have survived today if I batted the way I did in my days. Look at the strike rates today. While my strike rate in ODI cricket weren’t up to the level of Sachin’s or Viru’s but that’s the level that we played at back then,” he said.
“Obviously I can’t compare myself to Kohli or Rohit Sharma because they have blown the ODI paradigm to an all new level. But to be fair I grew up wanting to be a Test player,” he asserted.

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