Hotel Babylon Inn brings ‘Taste of Awadh’ to Raipur

Raipur, Jun 12:
Awadh – The name that brings in the nostalgia of the rich bygone era, vibrating in great music and food. The music, exceptionally melodious and strictly based on Indian classical. The food exceptionally magical-full of aroma’s and flavours. Both, Music and food passed to the next generation through the legacies of great Ustad’s and Guru’s. Just as originals in music are rare, so is the food, which also cannot be duplicated and is rare. They both can be similar but not exact!!
“With its legacy of 10 years and counting, Babylon Inn, tries to recreate this similar magic in Raipur. “With its established culinary team, Babylon Inn brings you cuisines from Awadh in its own inimitable style. The cuisines have been curated in almost similar way as that of an Awadhi kitchen and have the similar texture’s, aroma’s and the flavour’s that are intrinsically linked with Awadhi Cuisine.
Executive chef Rohit Sethi and his team have handpicked the raw materials and spices – which were then thoughtfully blended and spices-hand pounded to recreate that same magic – which the rich food of Awadh has.
‘The welcome drinks to the chaat’s carry a rich insignia of the bygone era. The noteworthy chaat options are the ‘Dahi Ke Batashe’ to ‘Pallak Patta Chaat’ all cooked in rich desi ghee. The starters have ‘Veg and Non-Veg selection to choose from. The Veg section has the ‘Nadru Ke chaap’ made from the minced lotus stem to ‘dum ke bhooley’ – a rich paneer delicacy dipped and grilled in creamy saffron batter.
The Non-Veg selections have the galouti’s and the Shahi Murg Tangdi Kebab’s which are mouth melting and are full of rich spices and aroma’s. The main course also has both choices for selection the “Veg and non-‘Veg. In case you are one who loves the ‘Murg Mussaffam’ then this the time to visit the food festival – but arrive with some leisure time as this cuisine is cooked on slow flames to help all the flavors to seep in the food. The all time Dum Biryani’s are also on the platter. ‘The dessert selection also has some authentic Awadhi collection like Gul-E-Firdausi and Annanas Ke Muzaffar to end the roller coaster, full of aroma’s, flavors and a warm hospitality from the team of Babylon Inn. The Festival started on June 5 and will end of June 16 with massive response from food lovers.

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