Horticulture Deptt purchases compost from Gauthans to encourage SHGs

Bhilai, Dec 24: With the aim of strengthening the rural economy, the state government had introduced the innovative project of “Narva, Garuva, Ghuruva, Bari”. This scheme is has been very successful so far and it is likely to give exciting results in the coming days. Women of the Self-Help Groups are getting employment through this scheme. Along with this, the trend of organic farming is also increasing. Village women have constituted group and are producing organic manure in the vermi compost and Nadep tanks constructed in Gauthans. Efforts are also being made by the Horticulture Department to provide proper returns to the women for their hard work. Deputy Director Horticulture Suresh Thakur said that till now 250 quintals of fertilizer have been purchased from Gauthans and the department has paid Rs 2,11,880 against this. The department has plans to buy 637 quintals from Gauthans in the next couple of months. He told that his department requires good quality fertilizer for the nurseries every year. “Our sisters of self-help groups are producing manures in Gauthanas. We have decided to purchase vermin-compost made by them to provide economic support to them. In this way we too can easily get the supply of manures for our nurseries and also encourage women for their hard work”, said Thakur. The horticulture department has given the task to all its block level officers to visit gauthans and buy fertilizer by examining the fertility and quality. Besides, farmers should also be advised to use vermi compost in the cultivation of vegetables, vegetables and fruits.
According to the information received from the District Panchayat, so far by the women of self-help groups in Gauthans located in rural areas of the district have produced 1550 quintals of vermin compost worth Rs 10.72 lakhs. The women engaged in fertilizer manufacturing will get direct benefit from this project. 50150 kgs of compost worth Rs 3.20 lakhs have been produced in villages of Durg Block; 54697 kgs of compost worth Rs Rs 4.81 lakhs have been produced in Dhamdha Block while 50230 kgs of vermin compost worth Rs 2.71 lakhs have been produced in villages of Patan Block. Out of 1.55 lakh kg compost produced so far in the rural Gauthans, 66666 kilograms of manure has been already lifted and 49241 kilograms are available for selling.
Due to the efforts made by state government to promote organic farming, the demand for vermi compost has increased considerably. It is anticipated that the women SHGs will be benefited more in the coming time. The importance of organic farming is being understood, due to which vermi compost is also being consumed in the baadis located in the village. Nutritious vegetables are being grown here with the help of organic manure. 4161 tanks of vermi compost have been built at Gauthans in the district. After extracting manure from all these vermin compost tanks, preparations have begun to take the production of the second phase. The tanks have been filled for the next batch. After filling the tank using de-composer, the compost will be ready within 45-60 days. All this work is being done by women. Right from filling the tanks to the sale of fertilizer, women are handling everything. Under the Atma Yojana of the Agriculture Department, the women were given free training to produce vermin compost and then gradually the confidence of these women increased. Farmers are also buying compost from the Gauthans.

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