HMS conducts meeting at Boria Gate

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Bhilai, June 01: On Saturday, Bhilai Shramik Sabha (HMS) conducted gate meeting at Boria Gate of Bhilai Steel Plant. During the meeting, union president HS Mishra welcomed the new CEO of BSP and hoped that under his leadership, the atmosphere of unnecessary pressure on the plant workers will be changed. Addressing the workers, Mishra said that the quarters, given to ex-employees on retention and license schemes, are in safe hands and the company is saving huge money that it had to spend on maintenance of these quarters. Hence, this arrangement should not be discontinued.
Union Secretary Arun Choube and Chinnaiyya demanded that respectful wage revision at its earliest as the company has come in profit. Secretary Ramesh Tiwari and Ashok Panda demanded that the natives of Chhattisgarh should be given priority in recruitment. They added that more than 1000 employees, who were recruited from All India basis, have left the job. In such situation, the locals should be given priority in recruitment. Shankar Sao, Ayodhya Tiwari and Tika Sahu demanded reintroduction of EL Encashment and FL Encashment schemes. Hemant Mahobia and DK Singh raised the issue of compensatory appointment. They stated that the kin of October 09 Mishap victims – Late Uday Pandey, Late Durgesh Rathore and Late Dinesh Mourya are being refused compensatory appointment in pretext of circular dated June 26, 2011. They urged the workers to come forward and join the struggle against such arbitrary circulars and adamant attitude of the management.
Dhananjay Chaturvedi demanded that the compensatory appointment should be given in all the cases of deaths of the employees. VK Singh hoped that the new CEO will pay more attention towards the safety issues for reducing the mishaps in the plant. Trilok Mishra and Dharmendra Banjare wished that the new CEO would ensure minimum wages to the contract labours and take necessary steps to end the exploitation of labours. Prem Singh Chandel demanded that the management should discontinue the practice of unnecessarily harassing the workman. He added that the retention and license scheme for the ex-employees should be continued as the ex-employees are also the responsibility of the organization. If the management actually wants to show its power, it must dare to get the illegally occupied quarters freed from illegal possession. Several other issues were discussed during the meeting.

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