Heart disease increases the risk of severe Covid outcomes: Dr Abhinav

Raipur, May 18: The founder of Astitva Foundation, Anupam Diwan today conducted an awareness campaign “Tike ki takat’ in Raipur on Sunday on the corona virus and Covid-19 vaccine which was coordinated by Deepti Tiwari.
Apart from Raipur, people from five villages of Chhattisgarh were present (Ginyari, Baronda, Kurra, Bangoli, and Dhansuli). Three doctors from America talked to people about the corona virus infection, and explained about the benefits of covid vaccine and this included Dr. Abhinav Diwan- Cardiologist and Physician Scientist; Dr. Arvind Bansal – Corona Virus ICU Specialist; Dr. Hrishikesh Kulkarni – Pulmonary Critical Care Physician.
Along with them, Mrs. Chandan Tripathi, IAS – Additional Director Higher Education and Director Hindi Granth Academy was alsopresent.
Dr. Abhinav Diwan said that a patient with heart disease should be among the first people to get Covid-19 vaccine because they are at a very high risk of getting a serious Covid infection which can be life threatening. He said having a heart disease increases the risk of severe Covid outcomes and that many people are not aware they may have an underlying heart disease hence they are already at high risk without knowing about it. He also stated that the vaccine has no effect on female reproduction and it is very safe to get Covid vaccine.
At the end, he clarified on misinformation about taking Covid vaccine during menstrual cycle and informed people that the vaccine is effective no matter when it is taken in relation to menstruation.
Dr Arvind Bansal said that lactating mothers can take Covid-19 vaccine.
He told that the vaccine can be taken before or after meals, anytime in the morning or evening. He explained that people may get fever and body aches after covid shot but these are minor symptoms of the vaccine that last for a few days but the vaccine protects life. Just as a helmet or seatbelt protects people in case of an accident, similarly, Covid-19 vaccine protects against infection.
Chandan Tripathi informed the group how to stay safe curing pandemic and the measures taken on behalf of the government for the people to stay safe. She encouraged people to call on phone numbers provided by the Government if anyone falls ill, and said that the government is also delivering food at home.

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