Health Deptt reach remote villages with Covid vaccine

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Konta, Oct 18: The villagers of Timmapuram and Chimlipanta, a remote village of Konta block, have also got vaccinated against the Covid epidemic. In Sukma district, the work of vaccination is being done in remote and inaccessible areas through the mobile team as well as the places fixed for vaccination by the Health Department, so that the protective shield of Covid reaches every person. In the same sequence, the team of Health Department crossed the river drains and reached the inner villages of Timmapuram and Chimlipenta in Jagargunda area to administer the Covid vaccination.
The team of the Health Department crossed the overflowing river drain with great courage and many times they had to cross the river by picking up their means of transport. Still, the health staff remained steadfast and they were finally able to reach Timmapuram and Chimlipenta. The team reached the village and vaccinated all the villagers eligible for the Kovid vaccine, in which the villagers also participated enthusiastically.
A total of 87 villagers were vaccinated against Kovid. The team also conducted malaria tests and vaccinated pregnant mothers. Along with this, necessary medicines, tablets and syrups were also distributed to all the villagers to prevent seasonal diseases.

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