Haseena and Karishma embody the power of ‘WE’

S ony SAB’s Maddam Sir, following the principle of “Policing with Heart” has received immense applause and appreciation from the audience, starring Haseena Mallik (Gulki Joshi), Karishma Singh (Yukti Kapoor), Pushpa Singh (Sonali Naik) and Santosh Sharma (Bhavika Sharma) as the protagonists of the show. The sweet and sour relationship between SHO Haseena Mallik and sub-inspector Karishma Singh has always managed to keep the audience engaged to the show. Now, the long awaited moment for the fans have finally arrived as Haseena and Karishma will re-unite to work from the same police station.
Haseena and Karishma, the two important pillars of The Mahila Police Thana, are poles apart and have their unique way of solving the cases. They did part ways, heading to two different Thanas of Lucknow. But is this what they really wanted? Certainly not. The spontaneity between Haseena and Karishma and their support for each other is something that the audience admires and this is what makes them an entity of “WE.”
The wait is finally over as they now have come back together with a bang, working, arguing, and solving cases under the same Mahila Police Thana and it is going to be a treat to all the viewers and fans of Maddam Sir. The duo in the show is surely going to take the entertainment quotient a notch higher for the audiences’ around the country.
Now that Haseena and Karishma will be working from the same police thana, even though with lots of disagreements and arguments, the duo will always stand besides each other and supporting the other. The upcoming episodes will reveal DSP Anubhav not showing up at his engagement ceremony with Haseena, but Karishma even stands against her brother to support Haseena in her tough times. This will surely be a benchmark for all the jazbaat related cases in the show, as SHO Haseena faces a heartbreak, the dabang Karishma Singh will come to her rescue.

Keep watching Haseena Mallik and Karishma Singh in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir, every Monday-Friday at 10 PM.

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