Hand pumps ooze out iron mixed red water

Sheikh Hasan Khan
Mainpur, Apr 03: Even after 74 years of independence dozens of villages resided by remote Kamar tribes still do not get clean drinking water. This land has precious minerals and stones underneath but even living here suffer due to lack of basic infrastructure facilities like clean drinking water. Village panchayat Dabnai’s dependent villages Farsara, Luthapara, Chindoula and other villages have dug hand pumps to get water but water available from any of the pumps cannot be consumed as it oozes out iron mixed red water. The villagers are left with no option than to dig dry river beds and get water and that too at a distance of 1-2 km from their villages. The villagers apprised about their problem to the concerned authorities from time to time but PHE department discharged their responsibilities by only digging hand pumps but did not enquire about the quality of water coming out of these pumps.
Fear of wild tuskers
The area is inhabited by wild tuskers and they move around in groups. The villagers while travelling 1-2 km from their villages to fetch water by digging dry river beds always have fear to be attacked by wild elephants. As it is the only water source available to them, villagers risk life to get water by digging river beds.

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