Guru Purnima celebrated with reverence and devotion

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Bhilai, Jul 24: The holy festival of Guru Purnima was celebrated with reverence and devotion across the city on Saturday. Special programmes were held at various temples of the city while following the Covid protocol. Under the aegis of All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj Haridwar, celebrations were held at Gayatri Shaktipeeth Sector-6, Shiv Gayatri Mandir Risali, Gayatri Sadhana Kendra Risali, Pragyapeeth Ramnagar Muktidham, Power House Camp-2, Khursipar, Kohka, Kurud, Housing Board, HUDCO, Bhilai, Chhawani and other places. 12 hours Akhand Jap of Gayatri Mahamantra was conducted at all these places which concluded at 05:00 hrs on Saturday.
The devotees offered prayers before the portraits of Gurudev Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya and Gurumata Bhagwati Devi Sharma. The followers offered Akshat, Roli, flowers, clothes, incense, shriphal and received blessings from them. Five – Kundiya Gayatri Mahayagya was organized in all the places. The devotees offered aahutis to the Yajna Devta amidst chanting of Gayatri Mahamantra, Mahamrityunjay mantra and other ved mantras and prayed for the happy life and bright future of all. Gayatri Parivar activist Mohan Umre said that Guru Purnima is also called the festival of discipline, only the one who believes in discipline becomes the best, without understanding this fact, one’s material and spiritual progress is not possible. In Indian culture, the relation of Guru – disciple is not explained as of donor and beggar, but of associate and partnership. The Guru keeps on giving a part of his penance, spiritual practice and divine wealth to the disciple, thereby raising the personality of the disciple. Similarly, the disciple keeps dedicating a part of his faith, effort, influence and wealth to his guru. Guru Purnima is the festival of fulfilment of the duties of a Sadguru. This world is full of unfulfilled desires and meaningless dreams. In the blind race, a person does not even know where he has to go, the truth is that what a person wants to achieve, his name is God, the ultimate meaning after which nothing else remains. A person keeps on moving away from God, in the midst of these ironies of the world, the support that is made in attaining God, the rope that is made to get out of the fountain, the boat that is made to cross the storm is called Sadguru. A Sadguru is the one with whom the transformation in life starts as soon as it is met, whose touch only changes the direction and condition of life, if you accept these things, then you should make a Guru. Sub-zone coordinator SP Singh, Ramadhar Mahilang, Vasudev Sharma, Mangala Bharade also addressed the gathering. Dheeraj Lal Tank, VP Singh, Loknath Sahu, Rajmani Dubey, Dr S Kumar, Mohan Umre, Diya State I/c Dr PL Sao, Anil Verma, Yogita Nemraj Verma, Anil Chaudhary, Jitendra Prasad Sahu, Lata Rishi Chandrakar, Dr Kamta Prasad Sahu, Sahadev Sahu, Mongra Yadav, Dilip Sahu, Ramswaroop Sahu, Prithvipal Sahu, Tikam Chandrakar, Girdhari Lal Sahu, and others were present.

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